Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Forget The Security Arrangement And Utilize The Money

Various traditional credit scheme of UK finance market are good for common people but due to their restrictive pattern not all the people are being benefited. People who do not hold the substantial asset for the security against the loan are thoroughly barred to get the support of money. This is the drawback of these credit arrangements. On the other side, the plan of loans with no guarantor needed is full of vivid flattering offers and approval of loan without any security is one of its prime features. Due to this arrangement, Ammiey, one of my neighbors has availed the facility of banked the money within a short period of time. The plan of Unsecured loans no guarantor needed has facilitated her thoroughly. She applied for this loan when her sudden requirements were crossing the limitations of her monthly budget. She was not in the position to afford these. Her credit payment and utility bills were unpaid. She does not believe in unnecessary expenditures, but due to the stay of her younger sister with her child, monthly budget of Ammiey had bumbled. That stay of 3 weeks had left her with some unpaid bills. Thus, an idea of borrowing the money had clicked in her mind and she implemented in an instant fashion. She does not need to get an advice towards it as she has no child and her husband was no more, so she has the responsibility of earning her livelihood and taking any decision for solving her problem. Her loneliness and financial status had not allowed her to avail any asset such as land, farm or any substantial investment scheme. It meant that she could only opt this option which is free to an agreement of collateral and thus cost high rate of interest to her.

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